Tuesday, March 27, 2007

day four, a day late

i had a different nurse for infusion four, an adept woman named chris who shared a little about her children, was interesting and interested and very good at threading my skinny little vein with a baby needle...my ankle got even bigger and man, was my therapist unhappy with the emotionality that comes with steroids...although, really, i think that sometimes, my honest and challenging nature scares her...

what i can talk about instead of todays infusion are a few other things that occured over the weekend...on saturday, my friend brad took me to dinner...brad has his own health issues to deal with, and it is a definite bonding point for us. he almost always brings little gifts to me when ever he sees me too...this week it was visualization cd's that he finds helpful

and finally, i thought i would point out that despite all the special treatment i am going through for this episode, i need to keep up the regular routine, and sunday night involved that weekly avonex shot, come hell or high water

we will see what today, and this final infusion will bring...maynard will be here in about ten minutes and i ofcourse will get a goodbye picture...and then maybe its time to go back to non-medical posts...but these moments just seemed so important

Song of the day: song to a seagull- joni mitchell

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