Friday, March 23, 2007

home health care 3/23/07

p.s.- the nurse, maynard, is absolutely great, and will be with me for atleast the first three out of five days- maybe ill get a picture of him tomorrow

p.p.s.- i am not crying in the last picture, just trying to shield the lights in a way where i could read the thermometor sticking out of my mouth

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Michael W. Brewer Jr. said...

Get better? Get well? Feel better? All of these seem inadequate for the moment at hand. In all honesty, I simply am not sure what well wishes to offer, so I give you the knowledge that you are being kept in thought and prayer. I hope and desire only the best for you.


Anonymous said...

I went to your blog for the first time in a while today and I am incredidbly proud to know you! I too am not sure how to respond
"correctly", but I find your efford to inspire others by dealing with your own story hugly empowering. I will send you loads and loads of energy!

HitThaFloor said...

I agree with all of the above - and thanks for clarifying about the crying. That's what it looked like until you look at it again. How views can change.

molly said...

i will alays want to call you rumblefish, reverend...i been a favorite of mineappreciate your thoughts and energies...and "heal well" has always been a favorite of mine...

molly said...

thinks kirsti,
it is helpful to hear...i wrote the above post after you left your note, but before i read it, and your words have supported me in my intention

molly said...

and so thankful for you to you tomorrow

Michael W. Brewer Jr. said...

As you will.

Heal well.

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