Monday, March 19, 2007

the final day of growth

so if this episode is consistant with past episodes of multiple sclerosis (and so far it feel pretty typical), i have one more day to worry about things getting worse then they currently are...

i have never broken my leg before, but right now, on top of the strange tingling numbness that has enveloped my left side from toe to hip, including my behind, i feel stiff and heavy....i wonder if this is what it feels like to wear a think of a cast feels normalizing...but ofcourse, no one can see my cast, i look just fine.

i am not ready to talk about the other things that come along with an my thinking seems to be less stable, as well as my emotions...but i will get there...its actually kind of interesting stuff...

Song of the day: im your captain- grand funk

1 comment:

HitThaFloor said...

I had a full leg cast before. Probably the same type of feeling - but even with it, no one really noticed or cared.

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