Sunday, March 18, 2007


damn my MS!! my left leg has gone started yesterday morning in the foot, and has crept all the way up to the this point, i am finding it tolerable, i juist dont want it to spread any more...but it can take up to three days to reach its full blown appearance, leaving me until tuesday morning qith the possibility of spreading

often, changes have led to problems for last major episode was in october of 2004, about two months after i started at a new college and a new internship (hmmm, and here i am in a new agency and a new school)

please send me strength and the white light while i use guided imagery to try and keep the spreading at bay...i have gratitude that i have an immune system that is trying to care for me and i keep trying to imagine a little Neuron teacher trying to instill the knowledge that myelin is not the enemy into Immunity...


Sorriah42 said...

I'll ask my Dream Fairy to talk to your Neuron Teacher.

molly said...

smile, thanks for meeting me on this helps keep the mppd light

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