Friday, March 02, 2007

kind of clueless

working with kids is a whole different cup of tea then adult psych (even though we did get a handful of teens)....i left the school a little early yesterday, a couple of the girls were so loud that i developed a migraine, and this one fifteen year old boy, a boy i very much like but also find a little manipulative....he never goes to class, and because hes likable, he gets away with a lot with the other social worker....anyhow, this boy says "why you always leavin so early?" and this girl goes, "why you all up in her bidness?"

iam very open though, and said "well, yesterday i had a training, today i need to go do some paper work at the main office (which was true), and i have another training tomorrow...but ____ poses a good question, why are you in my business?"

the other social worker says "becasue they notice when youre gone ms. molly, they are getting used to having you around, and guys,ms. molly is going to be here with us every day now"....

its uncomfortable for me to get involved in a new system, and i hadnt even thought past my own experience....its good to know that just my presence is having impact on these kids, and i just feel more excited to have my own case load to make our busy, crazy counseling center even more chaotic


pesha said...

It is amazing how powerful your mere presence can be with kids, especially kids like these. They have very little consistancy in their lives and they crave it. This becomes an issue with all clients too. When a therapist goes on vacation their clients often will act up in a variety of different ways, reacting to the lose, even temporarily.

It is good to know that they are so willing to attach. It bodes very well for you being able to do really good work with them. Nice job!

Sorriah42 said...

You remind me of my cousin Norma. She ran a cleaning business and employed all spanish speakers. She spoke fluently, but never with an accent. I kind of see you like that. You can speak their language, but would never "speak down" to them the same way Norma spoke fluently, but never attempted an accent. It's honest. That's why these kids will take to you.

I guess I hadn't thought of their experience either. When you've got more then 1 person involved, you've got more then 1 experience and more then 1 person affected by that experience.

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