Monday, September 18, 2006

another chance to walk: suicide prevention

i was invited to join in on another walk! and this one is unrelated to work. sheila, a nurse i work with has asked me to join her and her friends on saturday september 30th fopr the suicide prevention walk at the cleveland zoo. for anyone else who might be interested, it starts at seven pm, and is free to participate in, though you have to raise &150 for the t-shirt. i believe this is a worthy cause, and that we do need to increase awareness of causes and ways to prevent such desperation

for me, i finally feel like i have matured into a new place at work. to know that my co-workers are ready to include me in their social plans not connected to the hospital. it took two years to get here, and while that seems like a long time, i am sure there are multiple reasons. i mean, i started out as an intern to begin with, and i am on average twenty years junior to most of the other employees (some day, i will talk about the concerns an aging staff bring, as well as the way certain corporate policies will make bringing in a younger crew difficult) etc. etc.., but sheila and i have slowly built a relationship, and i believe that this invite is a sign that more and more co-workers (as there wil be a few others in this walking group) have decided that i am an individual they would like to know better...

Song of the day: eastern pleasures- michelle malone

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Anonymous said...

Do you need sponsors for this walk?

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