Monday, September 25, 2006

saddam hussien: an introduction to his role in current global politics

one thing that was always difficult for me was being able to tolerate the contradiction that exists in almost all situations. over the past year, thanks to that majickal professor (as is appropriate in this moment for i refer specifically to her teachings), i have developed more understanding for this ambivilance , and this morning turned this new reasoning mind toward the middle east and the fall of Hussein.

it started simply, checking out for the current count (something i used to daily but really only get to once a week or so now), first for our soldiers, both killed (2700) and wounded (20,000), and then the iraqi toll.

17,000 iraqis have died since april 2005.

i found myself wondering how many died under saddam hussein and discovered that the contradiction of this leader is immense and something i was never taught about, nore do i feel we as a nation really talk about. so i have decided to take a look at his rule, and try and toss out all spin and personal opinion while at the same time making the history assessable to all of us.

this will most likely take a few posts (and way too much time to do at once), so i will just leave this one as an introduction to this little series...

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