Thursday, September 21, 2006


To Danzinger, Molly
Sent 21-SEP-2006 12:00:33
ID 2533512

Thank you for your interest in the IRC30187 - Social Worker. We have reviewed your resume and have carefully considered your qualifications. While your skills and experience are impressive, we have decided to pursue other candidates for this position.

Recruitment Services University Hospital Health Systems

...they didnt even bother to call first... i hope this means they already picked someone or something, and not that my references gave negative information or something

....after some research, i realize that this was one of three positions i applied for in the same hospital system. this position requires three years experience (which we all know i dont have at all...only a year that was not internship and only on a prn basis), so i am a little less sad and it explains the lack of phone call
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Anonymous said...

It is always bummy when we get rejected, somehow it always feels personal when it rarely is.

My guess is, if the position called for three years experience, you were kicked out of the running simply because of that.

The picture is soooooo sad. Poor baby!

molly said...

i know, but this is something i am not used to, as ytou know... ofcourse, remember how upset i got when all the poetry i was submitting was accepted after i spent all that time pre-submission preparing for rejaction since thats what happens to ALL writers at first?

thank you and i hope your not mad about that phone call

Anonymous said...

I guess it is damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Just remember, you are a good social worker and you are really good at what you do. And I am absolutely not mad about the phone call. I'm really glad you made it.

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