Saturday, September 09, 2006

bloggerbeta is forgiven

only two hours after posting my anger, my pictures are working fine... synchronicity or good workmanship? any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you how Beta has been treating you, but the damn thing has not let me leave you a comment in quite some time. I think I am going to stick with old faithful until gives its Beta a little more stability.

Even now I can't leave a comment without using an alternative route.

molly said...

and i have tried to leave for you. the notice i got said that it will be awhile before beta and non beta can leave messages for eachother. i suggest you upgrade. i am much happier with beta now that i can put pictures up...

i am glad you you came from a different route though.

Anonymous said...

I figured out the loop hole. If you select "other" vice "Google/Blogger" when leaving a comment it will allow us to leave posts for each other.

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