Sunday, September 17, 2006

a weird dream

my mom, one of her clients and i go out to jackie's so they can have a session, and the next thing i know, i am waking up in the drivers seat of my car and rubbing my eyes to get out the sleep. i get out of the car, still rubbing, rubbing and see mum, the client, jackie and a gaggle of other people heading toward me way off in the distance, yet i can hear jackie say "where is she?" and mum says "asleep in the car". suddenly, jackie hugs me from behind, and then she is gone and all i can think is "typical" then i woke up...

hmm, its weird to sort out the meaning and/or the transference issues (if transference is a part of dreaming) when mum is a professor and a mental health professional and jackie is a professor and a mental health professional and i am seriously considering being a professor and am a mental health professional... why didnt i decide a nice safe avenue for my future... like being a bum...or a lawyer?

song of the day: into the great wide open- tom petty

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