Monday, September 04, 2006

changing habits


(i will do my best to have intention and not ramble-just for you robin)

i have been twisting around with the idea of intention still, and throwing in a bit of mindfulness, as i am beginning to think they go hand in hand (are you thinking 'duh!') i spent the early part of this year (into may even) rather ill, and i always loose my balance when i am sick. my house was wrecked for months, my diet and exercise plummeted (there is something miserable about numbing out in the arms and spine from just walking and i HATE swimming)and i gained 20 pounds (though i have lost eight since may)

so i did my heavy-duty fall cleaning this past week\- a first step toward healthy living(as i am working alot over the next month)and am now trying to by mindful of keeping it clean. i find myself wanting to approach everything with an outcome in mind, and attention to what is occuring in the moment and it is so hard!!!!

sticking with the cleaning example, i want to listen to music when i clean, even though i keep thinking about this marvelous poem about doing dishes, the attention to water and bubbles on the skin, the smoothness of dishware, the smell of a sponge that is ready to be tossed, even though i think about jackie staying inside and doing lunch dishes with the sound of playing guests seeping through the screen door (hmmm, whats with the dish thing?), still i end up getting lost in notes and lyrics, cadence and feeling and cleaning takes two hours instead of 25 minutes.i guess this will be one of my struggles, but it is moving me forward.

Song of the day: day is done- nick drake


Anonymous said...

First off, I hate the smell of a sponge that's ready to get tossed. It's one of my pet peeves - just ask Dave. As to the gaining and losing weight issue. I want to start walking, but after the tykes go to bed, so if you can must energy at 9:00, we can do half an hour and feel good about oursselves. Please help me help you help me help you.

molly said...

lol, you do know how to brighten a girls day! not tonight, i worked waaaaay too hard, and most likely will all week, but i will muster energy to walk in the late evening sometimes...i swear it

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