Saturday, September 16, 2006

shalom gadi

michelle, shu-han, bj, adam (sitting on) matt, john, betsy, brads legs peeking out from behind the tv and gadi giving his good-bye speech

saying goodbye is always tough, but it is also a chance for old friends to get back in touch. ive known gadi now for about six years, and was glad to see so many spirits from over time. now that he has finished his undergrad at case he has decided to move back to israel and has already found work making religious videos in tel aviv. i wish him the best of luck
note: the blurriness was from slow batteries and not from alcohol consumption.
sorry about that guys.

ari and dani

yamit, raphaela, and a woman i did not know

shu-han and bj

...the rest of the pictures were just too blurry...

Song of the day: yesterday- the beatles

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