Friday, September 08, 2006

why i love playhouse square and recommend spam-a-lot

i received an email today from playhouse square, telling me they liked my blog and asking me to advertize their upcoming prduction of spam-a-lot. i want to do exactly that. this is not only because i support playhouse square and believe that their productions are top rate, but becasuie of this string of communications:

Hey Molly,

We are fans of your blog and we wanted to pass along this info to you about a fun contest that we are having for Spamalot. It's coming to Playhouse Square in October and we want to get the word our about the contest.

Here's the link to the info and the funny commerical:

If you can help us spread the word..that'd be great!

John Sammon
Online Marketing Coordinator
Playhouse Square Center
1501 Euclid Ave, Suite 200
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2197
(216) 771-4444 Ext 3231

hi john,
i have to say, i dont really like this. i dont know i believe you are a fan of my blog. more likely you did a search for blogs in cleveland and have sent this email to all. i could be wrong though. i have worked for cleveland opera's subscription drive many times,my family belonged to the broadway series when i was young and i consider myself a part of the communty of playhouse square, and this kind of turns me off. i hate to ask you to "prove it", but find a way to help me understand how you found me, or what it is you like, and i might very well consider passing you on, but otherwise, please dont "spam"
me again, even for spam-a-lot

peace, love and honest,
molly katherine


I apologize for the email. It was poorly phrased and I regretted sending it after I thought about. You are correct. I did find you through Please accept my apologies for the email.

I truely hope that this does not turn you off from the Playhouse
Square Community.


i appreciate your honesty and timely response.
it will not keep me from future involvement with playhouse square.

peace, love and the link you sent didnt work anyhow,
molly katherine

thank you, john, you have truly acted with respect for yourself, your employer and me, and i am happy to encourage people to apply for your contest

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Anonymous said...

My first thought when I read the first part of this was it is a con and they did a search. I guess there is some similarity in our skeptical thinking :-). I think it is great that you called them on it and I think it is great that John responded the way he did. Good for Playhouse Square and good for you! Healthy skepticism is a good thing in today's society.

molly said...


molly said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shalom Molly,

Good catch.

How come I didn't get invited?



molly said...

ummm...maybe they started with the "a"'s and youd be an "h"

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