Sunday, September 03, 2006

NAMI walks

september 16 is the annual NAMI walk. NAMI is the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (or one of the chefs at michaels diner on the tracks). i will be joining 22 other trudel center employees for the event.

taking part in walks is one of the numerous ways available to make a difference in the world. it allows you to raise funds, increase visibility, and also provides an opportunity to be social, have fun and be healthy all at once. its not about how MUCH money is raised (though you wouldnt know that from the $100 for a tee-shirt minimum).

one of my favorite fund raising methods, though, is to stick with "the smallest bit counts" mentality, and for the MS walk, i managed to raise almost three hundred dollars in $1 and $2 sponsorships. i also sponsor in these small amounts, and know that i make a small difference in many things by sticking to small donations, and can support more people in their endeavors to be just.

Song of the day: cello song- nick drake

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