Wednesday, September 20, 2006

wolves and rollerskates

i am not a big dreamer, i can go months without remembering even one dream, but i am now heading into night after night of night thoughts.

first that dream about mom and jackie, the next night i dreamt i was at the hospital in an elevator with my supervisor, elaine, and some intern (and keep in mind, i am now an employee, but i have also been elaine's intern) and suddenly it skips to the end of the work day and i am in the hospital hallway putting on plaid roller skates when elaine walks up and says i cant believe your putting on rollerskates in the hospital and i say i do everyday and she says i dont know what in my supervision led you to think its ok to roller skate in the hospital
then the next night i dream i am in the bedroom in this really big house surrounded by a hip height wooden fence, and the fence is surrounded by wolves lined up tail to nose on the INSIDE of the fence, which makes me wonder why there is a fence at all.....anyhow, i run fearfully to the living room where there is alot of people and say were surrounded by wolves!! and someone says back stay calm, they can smell fear, you know and suddenly one of the wolves is inside the house and i run back to the bedroom onto the bed and start practicing my yoga breathing...
Song of the day: sandman- metallica

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