Tuesday, October 03, 2006

eating on either side of the fast

i dont have any family in town, which works for me, especially on holidays. there is reason for this, people die on holidays in my family, my great grandfather (whose birthday i was born on in 76) died ON rosh hashana in 78, my great grandmother died ON the first night of passover in 83 and my grandmother died ON thanksgiving in 83 as well. due to this, holidays are full of yortziet and i have tended to avoid doing the family thing since i left home.

jeff hess invited me to spend the meal before the fast with him and jill zimon miller's family, and what a wonderful experience it was. i felt much more welcome in this home full of strangers then any place else i had ever gone, meaning friends or distant family. jills children are friendly and intelligent, her parents and husband are accepting and politically fun to talk with and i had pot roast for the first time and actually liked it. plus jill apparently graduated from msass with a dual degree in law in '91, and gave me a couple of contacts for employment...plus she knows my supervisor from marymount (my supervisor is not jewish but there truly is something to be said about the six degrees of judiasm...), and gave me a little gossip on her that brought her humanty a little back into light for me.

after the fast i mett my other friend jeff for pizza. it was a good way to end a hungry day....

Song of the day: dinner bell- they might be giants


Jill said...

Molly - thanks for the very kind words! I hope it's not just because you know that I read blogs. :)

Btw, the weekend that I met my husband, 16 years ago, on Kol Nidre? Well, I broke fast with my non-Jewish boyfriend after going to closing services with yet a different guy. And where did I break fast? At Rascal House near CSU! Pizza - it's almost as good as lox and bagels for breaking fast.

Have a very sweet new year, Molly.

molly said...

yes jill,
outside of mum and her paretns, i liked your house best
...and arent non-jews just great for pizza on holidays!!

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