Tuesday, October 17, 2006

protecting those you love

last night i received an email from one of my oldest friends. in it she told me that her oldest child, who is twelve has been molesting her three other children, ages 4,6, and 8 from her marriage. her oldest is being sent to live with his grandmother, who raised him for the first ten years of his life, and that this abuse has been going on since he first moved in with the family over one year ago, and she has known the whole time.

everything else, suddenly, seems meaningless, in my anger and sadness, my love for her children. i think, if only she had told me right away, i could have helped this family get help, pointed them in the right direction even though i live 800 miles away, i could have helped them, it is after all what i do.

now i feel angry, left only with the choice of trying to lessen the blow on my friends ego after the family has been destroyed and the kids living in fear for a year. talk about feeling tied in a situation

song of the day: cherokee louise- joni mitchell

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