Thursday, October 12, 2006

six degrees of judiasm to fashion sense

sitting in the waiting room of the therapists office, there are times you become friendly with the other regulars waiting for their hours. after about two months of inane chit chat with this one guy, he introduced himself just two weeks ago.

well, the following sunday i go out to an unnamed diner with my friends andy, jeff and gary, and who approaches my table but the guy, and he says to me "hey molly" and i say hey, and he says "so this is my place" and i say "what? you usually sleep at this table or something?" and everyone laughs at me because he OWNS the place.

so i see him again the next wednesday, and i mention how i had only been to this diner once before and had the surprise of running into an old camp (CW) counselor of mine working, and it turns out that he and this counselor, brent, have been best friends for close to 20 years, and asks if i know this other CW guy ed...and the name was familiar, but i couldnt picture his face.

so i email robin, "i met this guy who is really good friends with brent and wanted to know if i know this other guy. do you remember a village supervisor from CW named ed?" first she told me she knew this diner owner through her boss as well, and she mailed me this photo of brent (left) and ed, who i still dont really remember, but he kind of looks like keanu reeves- and looking at this photo, i realize now how i ended up being emtirely comfortable with my own wackiness, as this picture exemplifies my role models as a child.

Song of the day: history of us- indigo girls


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is that fashion at camp is what life is all about.

molly said...

yes, and for me, you were the queen of sarcam meant at all, in your cut-off scrubs and barefoot with a toe ring...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I had to stop the toe rings. They hurt too much. And I kept my belly ring (post camp) all through my first pregnancy. Only took it out as a personal reason and no outside factors. Too bad I can't get away with cut off scrubs at work, but I don't dress up either. Thank goodness. That was the job I had for 3 months and HATED.

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