Sunday, October 01, 2006

after the kol nidre


i dont follow tradition on this day, though i let others think what they want, that i am at temple, or praying or atoning, its a day for me to feel connected, to explore, to find whats question reality. its a day for me to be with me. it always has been.

my father loved neil diamond, played "the jazz singer" in the car, i felt that every trip back and forth from home to his house, he was already breaking his fatherly vows for the next two weeks, listening to the kol nidre in his oldsmobile with the windox up and a merit cigarette hanging from his lips.

but i feel connected on this day, already hungry (as a night muncher) knowing the morning through early afternoon will be easy, knowing every jew in temple or in bed, alone or laughing with family, walking home from schul or taking a motorcycle ride to the dairy queen tonight, even those that have converted away from our history of sadness and guilt, we know that every other jew too, is aware and thinking on the year, and trying to find their way forward...


Song of the day: "the jazz singer" soundtrack- neil diamond... i miss you daddy.

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