Monday, October 09, 2006

vocab list three: countdown-17 days to 30

last night robin, in the name of true amity, let me know tonya called for her address. she was chary in sharing details, only saying she would make it for part of the celebration, atleast for a collation in some sort of refectory,but would be in the venerable position of single parenthood for the week while hubby dave was off working, so shes mildly limited in her free time that weekend, though i told her to just wear a decollete shirt that would make feeding luke easy and just bring him along (and that sentence is made up just so i could use a vocab word, though i did tell her she was free to bring the babes if that is what would hold her back).

so now i salaciously wait, as i was not endued with patience, knowing tonya is using nebulous speech to help keep me surprised, and i find myself wishing i were more prosaic as i am spending way too much time dreaming about what we will do, are all sposed to somehow get out to oberlin (her family has a lot of land behind the house) or wellington (tonya had mentioned some sort of retreat out there)to play outside, do i need to set up a carpool for the day (i dont mind driving my chased scion, but i hate the thought of everyone driving themselves so far! too much lucre put in the hands of the oilmen and asunder from my own beliefs).

tonya has been very phlegmatic in the face in my precipitous interest and control anxiety and i am doing my best not to disinter the scoop from my friends. i have been trying to give paean melodies to tonya, but 20 minutes before my period came, i felt immured by making sure i had all the right contact info for tonya in the correct medium, showing my entirely pedestrian thinking sometimes when it comes to meeting tasks.

and becasue i still have three more words to use so i will give tonya the appellation of sophist for her calm attitude in the face of this task. she is ingratiating herself with me and my posse, and i cant think of any maxims to use right now.

the end.

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Rev. Rumble Fish said...


You are having far too much fun with your new found vocabulary. Wonderful!! :-)


molly said...

greetings rumblefish (i love the images your screenname brings to mind, and i keep seeing Nemo with your face and a loud voice announcing "are you ready to ruuuuuuuuuuumble")if i didnt have fun with the words, there is NO way i could retain so much by the middle of Dec. :)

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