Sunday, October 15, 2006

phenomena (daa daa dadada)

within ten minutes of beginning the discussion on what "phenomenology" meant, we had said the word phenomena so many times and in such a rhythmic manner that i was stuck in the most famous of muppet skits Mana-mana
it made for an entertaining time in my head, and it helped in this discussion (which is where i felt shut down by the facilitator), but the concept is important.

phenomena in gestalt is data, pure data, based on observation and as empty of bias, interpretation and judgement as is possible. not an easy task. its an occurance. one woman was asked to look at her neighbor and tell us what she was seeing phenomena-wise, and she did fine as she said there are eyes and a mouth and... but then she said, "i see beautiful skin" OOPS! beautiful is a judgement.

the way i try and stick to phenomena is by accepting my judgement, and then trying to understand why i chose to judge in the way i did (and this is where the facilitator shut me down and said i was wrong and the other one said no i wasnt) in our culture, we value skin that has an even skin tone, clearness, no acne, etc. etc. and all of those statements would be phenomena as opposed to the judgement of beautiful

song of the hour- manamana- the muppets

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Anonymous said...

I should left Dave read this post : ) Now it will be stuck in my head all day.

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