Saturday, October 28, 2006

ohio- i know i dont think its funny

"First of all, I didn't realize Ohio was laughing. I was not aware of that,"- john stewert commenting on a question asked about his up coming visit to colombus to film the daily show

i dont think cheating and meanness, the entire political arena of my state is funny at all. in fact it scares me and hurts me to think that this is what we have become, to think that this is how we are treated- how many ohio politicians or "important" laymen have been convicted of crimes while in office or had to resign over the past term? taft, ney, noe...those are the ones who came right to mind, for stealing money, taking pay-offs, dealing with abrahmoff (bribery). i dont think john stewert thinks its all that funny either. john stewert is sarcastic and ironic, and while sarcasm and irony are types of humor, they are often called wry for a reason.

i am one of those people who laughs at funerals. it doesnt mean i think its funny, its how my body responds to the overwhelming emotion of loss. when things go wrong, i find myself wanting to laugh or id be crying, and i usually would rather laugh. sarcasm is a similar phenomana (mahnamahna)in my mind, and if you didnt laugh at these things, youd prolly cry...or maybe burst a blood vessel or ten from anger at these people who take our trust and rub it in our faces!

Song of the day: one day- bjork

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