Thursday, October 19, 2006

getting gestalt

not that there really is anything to "get", its not like i suddenly possess something i didnt before, but...

the workshop was kind of structured into three different scenarios
1. full group size (31 of us in total)for the morning stretch, theory stuff, etc..
2. personal growth groups (pg) of 9-10 people for a chance to process what we are experiencing with one stable and one rotating facilitator.
3. practicum groups of four plus one facilitator to practice the skills we are learning

there is also something called resource groups, which i guess will meet at the beginning of each weekend to discuss goals and at the end to discuss outcomes? im not entirelyu sure what that is about, but since i have nine more weekends to go, ill find out.

my talent lies in seeing the 'other', i am really good at that. as i learned last fall, through jackie, my weak spot is allowing myself to be seen...i even played the client first in my practicum group, telling the others that it is only that chair that i was dreading, im in therapy, i dont want to talk about me anymore.... and they pointed out physical catches and words- one woman pointed out my blush, and that is definitly a part of why i dont like to be seen.

i get that i will be seen, not only that, i have to be open in the immediacy to what is seen, as there is value and growth...there is no measure of control...

i cant believe i commited to documenting this process...its group therapy more then anything else

Song of the day: my there for me guitar- caroline aiken

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