Monday, October 23, 2006

speaking of birthdays

someone spilled the beans on where we are really eating dinner this saturday (with no prodding on my part, they just pulled out the invitation and shoved it at me), and now i am 99.9 percent sure that i am on to whats going on, for all of you who are not entirely sure how it will work, but it should be an interesting afternoon, to say the least, and everyone involved (yes,you) is welcome to join us for dinner, we can always add an extra chair or two at the table.

i'll tell you though, tonya offering to plan something was amazing on her part, and she definitly is a gutsy woman, and people are actually going to come- which is rare when i plan my own stuff because i always wait til the last minute and most people allready have plans... the one thing that makes me sad is my newermom friends (babies under six months, older kids with lives) are most likely not going to make it mostly due to other obligations...well, that and its gonna be cold and rainy (not my favorite combination either)...

oh, and by the way, i could care less about the number now, i was just putting up some thoughts i was having about this transition to my thirties as i imagine other people may question what the transition means

Song of the day: maggie may- rod stewart

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