Thursday, October 05, 2006

vocabulary list one

if "practice makes perfecct" is a true apothegm, then i am approaching the imminent occurance of GRE taking in an ingenious manner. i figure, gainsay of this truth will do me no good, as all it will do is help my avoid the encumberance of grad school.

editors note: i am a poet, so i will be creating my own words prolly, with vocabulary roots, but i promise not to be so long winded as to need cantos. i am an inveterate creature, and rather loutish when it comes to employing inchoate words,so a perfect precept for me would be "try, try , try until you succeed". however i am not so ingenuous as to think i wont need to design special sentances for some of these words.

sklipping over to poilitics and religion (there is no pecuniary gain in this for me by the way), i want to quickly bring to mind the venal quality many of our politicians possess, which is why so many are at a precipice point in their careers, not to mention the way the media tries to create a redoubtable and invidious atmosphere. they so often canvass on lies and i absolutely descry their lies. another bad political aspect right now is the apotheosis of george bush, who adulterated our government with religious idealogy. he should be acting as the laity he is, or should have become a philatelist instead. or become a monk and spout a tonsure.

anyhow, i miss the redolent atmosphere of the 90s, the smell of a successful society, natation in wealth and acceptance, where my unnatty dress was ignored

i feel like we americans are sitting at the quay, as the land is sered... we are killing ourselves...though i guess the jackie euphamism would be "we are challenging ourselves"

have a nice day


Anonymous said...

I need my 10 pound dictionary to read that : ) (R)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I really needed a good belly laugh this morning.

(and may I say, this is sooooooooo you)

molly said...

hmmm, maybe thats because im usung a dictionary to write it, r.
... of course ill remember these words if i run into them on a test now, and i hope you dont mind too much, because i only have 49 more lists to

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