Monday, October 23, 2006

remembering the beginning

so today is this blog's first birthday, and to celebrate, i have decided to repost my original three posts. i think this will also help remind me what i was aiming for in starting up, as its hard to always keep the objective (intention) in mind.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


i have this eastern saying stuck in my head, have for weeks now.

Before enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water;
after enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water

I start this blog to stop fearing my power as an individual and a voice,
and promise free poetry, political fodder, a number of tempertantrums (i'm sure)
though not on any time table.

....but i have to figure out how to do this first.

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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

Mazel Tov!



i think ive pretty much figured out how to do this by now, once i got one thing (like linking to other blogs)the rest followed suit

if you know me, know that i will start a post off with "do not read this so and so" if its in your best interest not to (ok, mom, so you wont have to know how mad or bad i've been)- my suggestion is that you dont read it.

...i think thats my only suggestion

never did take advantage of this clause
three: social work with groups

my change, it all started with a college class i opted to take to better understand the natural chaos inherent to working within multiple systems. sounds so scholarly, right? well, instead of being given simple textbook work that charicterizes my graduate program's curriculum, i was thrown into a boiling hot cauldron of a work load (99 percent internal and scalding) with an ecentric and majickal professor stoking the fire.

an education rarity is all i can say. following suit of 'no child left behind', our higher institutions are quickly losing the creative aspects that i thought our parents had fought to give us. and now he that giveth taketh away.

i go to higher level private university, i pay over thirteen thousand a semester (or sallie may has, for the moment), and i will graduate having taken only one course that truly stretched, twisted me as a person, moments i was willing to suffer through because i could feel that butterfly flapping her wings as my being absorbed new knowledge.

just wanted to share

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Anonymous said...

So a double birthday celebration for this week! Mazel Tov on your first year as a blogger! And Mazel Tov on your 30th year of being. (Interesting that I haven't once seen a "don't read this Mom" :-)

Rev. Rumble Fish said...


I can at times be a dense person, one of my less favorable traits I suppose, but I do believe that I have gleaned enough information to discern that it is not only the birthday of your blog we celebrate this week, but the birth of a very special girl whom I only know as the blogger "Molly." Happy birthday, and brightest blessings upon your day(whenever that may be, I have not gleaned the specifics).

"Before enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water;
after enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water"

It has been many years since I have heard this saying, and it once again brings to the forefront much wisdom. Thank you for sharing this with you readers.

Be well in all things Molly, and in all things may you find Peace.

Blessed Be this Sacred Journey,

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